Open SICAT Suite

SICAT’s 3D, OPEN Software Suite is the ONLY fully integrated, chairside solution that allows total digital workflow from ANY CBCT and DI to create predictable clinical outcomes.

SICAT Implant 1.5 Software

In the field of implantology, SICAT provides a seamlessly integrated solution.  From 3D diagnostics and planning to the manufacturing of our precise SICAT surgical guides.  Let us help you strengthen the competitiveness of your practice.  Price includes 2-day, offsite, hands-on implementation training.

MFG# SISW101     

SICAT Air Software

The first software solution which does not only allow for the visualization and analysis of the upper airways in 3D but also efficiently supports the practitioner with the planning of appliance-based treatment. Price includes 2-day, offsite, hands-on implementation training.

MFG# SASW201     

SICAT Endo Software

The first and only 3D solution for the diagnosis and planning of endodontic treatment, which can also support you in the realization of guided root canal treatment.

MFG# SESW301     

SICAT Function Software with JMT

SICAT Function allows an integrated 3D workflow for diagnostics and treatment of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) as well as the fabrication of highly accurate therapeutic appliances based on the patient-individual lower jaw dynamics.

MFG# SFSW401     

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